Who is your massage suitable for?

My massage is suitable for women and men who are simply looking for a beautiful and sensual massage experience. A tantra massage is my personal recommendation for anyone who would like to experience sensual touch and physical closeness. My sensual massage is suitable for men and women who are not looking for physical closeness but still want to enjoy sensual relaxation. For first-time seekers, I recommend a sensual massage to get to know each other. With my massage you can simply be the recipient and enjoy a sensual body journey. It is your very personal massage that I would like to give you.

Are you allowed to be touched during the massage?

Tender touches are certainly possible during a massage. However, every massage is always about you and your body. The most beautiful massage experience comes from simply relaxing and letting go.

Are you naked during the massage?

If you wish, we will both be naked during the massage treatment. If desired, I can wear underwear during a sensual massage.

Is there more than just a massage, maybe something mutual?

A massage can sometimes be very intense, that's wonderful and that's how it should be. Every person has individual needs and wishes. What I can offer you are my sensual hands and my passion for pleasurable touches. Before each tantra massage, we decide together in a personal conversation where the journey should go. Despite all the intensity and sexual pleasure that a sensual or tantra massage brings, desires, boundaries and expectations should be clearly discussed.

Is there a possibility to have a shower?

Every guest has the opportunity to shower before and after the massage.

How early should I book a massage appointment with you?

Please reserve your desired date as early as possible so that your massage or treatment is available at the desired time.

Are short-term massage appointments also possible?

Short-term requests are not always possible.

What happens if I arrive later than the agreed time?

In case of delays the missed time can not always be attached to the agreed massage or treatment. A small time window is always available.

What if I have to cancel a reservation?

No problem, but please cancel the booking at least 24 hours before the appointment. Short-term cancellations or no-shows may be subject to a cancellation fee.