Massage for Women


My Tantra massage for women is a union and expansion of the sensual and sexual experience of the human through touch and physical closeness. Intensive body contact strengthens the basic trust and has a relaxing effect. The sensuality and the lust of the women is by me involved individually. A tantric massage includes the whole person with all its aspects, including sexuality. No body part is left out. The whole body is touched tenderly. How far a tantra massage should go, we determine together in a personal conversation. Intimacy and trust create deep security and relaxation. The tantric massage is practiced on the massage futon. A nice body-to-body experience of a special kind awaits you. On request, a part of the massage is performed on the massage table and the other part on the massage futon. The massage includes various elements of the Tao and Yoni massage.

The tantric massage is perfect for women who value the experience of being in touch with their sexuality. Intimacy and trust create deep security and relaxation. Float on an energetic wave of inner peace. Security and warmth can unfold and create so unexpected feelings of pleasure. Women feel happier, more loving and peaceful after a tantric massage. I give you my full attention and dedication.

2 hours CHF 320.-
3 hours CHF 480.-